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Color – Cream-w-Taupe

You are getting 2 Pestemals per Pack.

Size: Approximately 40"x72"
Washing Instructions: Gentle Cycle or Hand Wash Cycle, no bleach, air dry or tumble dry on gentle cycle with low heat.

Pestemals are made in Turkey where artisans weave them following a centuries-old technique.  Pestemals are offered in colored cotton, natural cotton, linen and silk.  Many people who come across Pestemal say "What exactly is it and what do we use it for? Is it a towel, a wrap, sarong, pareo, throw, table cloth, runner?"  The answer is "All of the above" . What makes Pestemal great is that it is so versatile it can be used in place of anything you need, anywhere you need them.
FAMILY TIP: We travel a lot, mostly for business and always take a few pestemals with us, rolled up in our hand bag because we never know how cold that plane or shared car ride will be. We just unroll and throw it around our shoulders and quickly get comfortable.
A Pestemal is generally a 34"x60" or larger hand loomed textile, also known as a hamam towel. Our Peshtemals are sized very generously 40"x72 or larger. As you may know, Hamam is a traditional Turkish Bath which is reclaiming its place in World's Spa histoy. 
Pestemals are environmentally friendly and take much less time and energy to launder and dry which helps us reduce carbon foot print. Who can disagree with that?

Please keep in mind that our pestemals are wowen by hand and you may see slight variances in details which only enhance the character of the pestemal. This is not to be seen as defect. Sizes are approximate as they are done by hand.

Thank you for helping us keep centuries old tradition live and supporting the artisans.

Washing Instructions:

Machine wash, gentle cycle, warm or cold water with mild detergent, Tumble dry low to medium heat. Please do not use fabric softener as it hinders absorbency. Non-chlorinated bleach only, when needed. Wash dark colors separately.

Made in Turkey with love and care & 100% premium, hand grown Turkish cotton.

Laundry tips from our family:

To keep the towels fresh and help with the lint, we recommend soaking your new towels in a cup of white vinegar, ½ cup of detergent and 2-3 gallons of warm water. This will help dissolve oils or treatments in the fabric that may hinder absorbency.