About Us

Welcome to A la Turca Textiles, a small women owned and operated  family business that’s been serving Spas, hamams, hotels, B&Bs, upscale retail and linen boutiques for 20+ years with Turkish towels, robes, linens, soaps and everything Hamam as well as private label manufacturing.  We are happy to say that in the last few years we included spa sandals and uniforms to our collection.

Our manufacturing practices prioritize fairness and ethical treatment. We strictly prohibit child labor and pay our workers based on qualifications. Employees receive complimentary shuttles, work 8-hour days with overtime compensation, and enjoy company-provided meals and coffee breaks. Female workers receive three months of fully paid maternity leave and can take paid time off for breastfeeding. We also offer paid vacation based on seniority and maintain ISO certification for international standards compliance.

We prioritize fair trade practices, ensuring no child labor, fair wages, and safe working conditions. Our materials are Oeko-Tex certified for safety. We support charitable causes and invite you to join us. Thank you for supporting ethical business practices.