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Color – Natural

450 GSM version of our Luxury Towels. Same quality, same absorbency just slightly lighter. 100% Combed Pure Turkish Cotton. Measures 16"x28".

Offered in White and Natural (no dye).

When comparing towels from manufacturers, please beware of details that may seem minor but turn out to be very important. Many companies use cheap import cotton that will not stand up to commercial washing standards. Beware of statements like " Turkish Terry Cotton" or "made of Turkish Cotton". If it doesn't say made in Turkey, %99.9 it is not a Turkish Towel. Call the company and ask specifically if the label states the product was in fact "Made in Turkey"?

Washing Instructions:

Machine wash, gentle cycle, warm or cold water with mild detergent, Tumble dry low to medium heat. Please do not use fabric softener as it hinders absorbency. Non-chlorinated bleach only, when needed. Wash dark colors separately.

Made in Turkey with love and care & 100% premium, hand grown Turkish cotton.

Laundry tips from our family:

To keep the towels fresh and help with the lint, we recommend soaking your new towels in a cup of white vinegar, ½ cup of detergent and 2-3 gallons of warm water. This will help dissolve oils or treatments in the fabric that may hinder absorbency.

    Thirsty Towels Turkish Cotton 2-Piece Hand Towel Set in Natural Undyed
    Thirsty Towels Turkish Cotton 2-Piece Hand Towel Set in White